Howie's conference name is almost as silly as the characters who belong to it. For years it consisted of ten big mascots, so it was called the Big Ten, but for the past few years there were eleven, and now there are twelve! In an attempt to make some sense of all of this confusion, the Big Ten conference has since been divided into two divisions: the Legends and Leaders. Spread across the upper midwest, the view from the air of the 2012 Big Ten Conference looks a little like this:

Legends: Howie Husker, Howie Gopher, Howie Hawk, Howie Wildcat, Sparty Spartan, and Howie Wolverine.
Leaders: Bucky Badger, Howie Illini, Purdue Howie, Howie Hoosier, Brutus Buckeye, and Nittany Lion.

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